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A Marine thinks a lot about home when serving back to back tours. Home is supposed to be safe, full of love and laughter, but Lt. Col. Boone Ballestra’s care packages stopped coming months ago. The two females he loves most sought shelteSpencer code prodigal REVISED webpager under his roof when his sister vowed to testify against her murderous husband and moved in with her daughter Savannah in tow so, he expects a bit of drama, but not a near kidnapping before he even tosses his duffle to the floor.


Boone’s relied on long-distance help in the form of Savannah’s favorite teacher, Brianna Parrish. Brianna’s had his family’s back when Boone couldn’t, but now that mafia in-law Hadrian Royle is stepping up the heat, Brianna’s put her life on the line for them Back home, Boone discovers knowing 100 ways to subdue an adversary is useless when it comes to your basic preschool princess wrangling and worse Brianna’s insights both console his traumatized niece, & decode parts of Boone he’s kept camouflaged from the world (& himself.) She even teaches the man with a boatload of concerns to ‘cast his cares’ on God, which sounds just dandy, until Brianna foils the mob’s plans one time too many & lands square in their cross-hairs.


With Savannah safely under his guard, and unwilling to risk Brianna further, Boone pushes away the love he’s lacked all his life in order to keep her safe as well. It’s the perfect plan, (if only Brianna were the kind of gal to abandon the people she loves). When she doesn’t, she’s marked for death, and Boone must trade his freedom for hers in a heartbeat…

…which it just might cost them.

K.D. Harp

Award winning author K.D. Harp enjoys world travel, volunteering and fb headshot2x3educating people about the appropriate use of the phrase “Bless his heart,” the original meaning of which has nothing to do with sarcastically calling someone a sucker or dimwit, and is properly used to imply a ‘there but for the Grace of God’.

The Atlanta native is a graduate of Georgia State University, and loves truly smart female leads, so most of hers will MacGyver their way out of some sort of situation (whether it’s jury-rigging a flamethrower with kitchen supplies or finding new uses for a fire extinguisher to escape an inferno). Bored and dismayed by the trend in fiction to equate genuine love with the pale imitation of lust without personal investment, K.D. portrays people of character engaged with a world that lacks it.

When they do it without losing the physical passion and sense of humor God would give to them, it’s a total win.

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