Friday Feature Welcomes K.D. Harp Back

Yes you are not seeing double, we are having K.D. on back to back Friday Features. Sit back and enjoy as we share another new book from her.

About K.D

Award winning author K.D. Harp enjoys world travel, volunteering and educating people about the apfb headshot2x3propriate use of the phrase “Bless his heart,” the original meaning of which has nothing to do with sarcastically calling someone a sucker or dimwit, and is properly used to imply a ‘there but for the Grace of God’.

The Atlanta native is a graduate of Georgia State University, and loves truly smart female leads, so most of hers will MacGyver their way out of some sort of situation (whether it’s jury-rigging a flamethrower with kitchen supplies or finding new uses for a fire extinguisher to escape an inferno). Bored and dismayed by the trend in fiction to equate genuine love with the pale imitation of lust without personal investment, K.D. portrays people of character engaged with a world that lacks it.

When they do it without losing the physical passion and sense of humor God would give to them, it’s a total win.

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Rescue Me

A hurricane’s a bad time to learn why ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

For police Sergeant Ike Porter, a solo rescue of two citizensSpencer rescue me webpage stranded in raging flood waters should earn him the final gold star on his way to a slot on Georgia’s new anti-gang task force and a chance to win some justice for his murdered wife. His victims’ car slams into his boat, and both Ike (and the tin can passing for a rescue vessel) sustain damage; leaving the three of them high and far from dry.

It could be worse.

He could be Heather Harmon, the CERT citizen emergency response volunteer who sees their plight and tows them to safety. Heather thinks fast on her feet, but has no way of knowing the same tool she used to save these flood victims is fresh from a murder.

It isn’t often a cop gets rescued by a civilian and Ike is quickly smitten with this brave woman. He isn’t about to let the sins of her ex interfere with their future, but he doesn’t quite know the solution to helping Heather let go of her past.

…Or that rescuing a killer earlier that day has made her his next unwitting target.

Picking up a cop boyfriend should be a handy thing under such dire circumstances, but as the bodies pile up and evidence of murder mounts against Heather, close proximity to law enforcement becomes a double-edged sword …for them both.

Sharpshooters like Ike aren’t known for their Cassanova skills and he soon learns voicing your doubts is a real romance killer. Hurt, Heather distances herself from his protection, leaving the field wide open for the murderer to strike again, frame his heroic victim for his crimes, and walk away clean.

…All while rubbing every bit of it in Ike’s face.

Heather and Ike’s faith in God is strong enough to sustain them individually, but if they can’t show a little faith in each other, history will repeat itself. Heather will face off with a practiced killer alone, Ike may lose his last shot at love, and this time,

he will know he had the power to save her.

RESCUE ME (We Have Escaped)

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