Behind the Scenes with Vicki Talley McCollum

This is our last week with Vicki. Join her as she shares  behind the scene information about Love Letter from Viernam.


The setting for Love Letter from Vietnam, the summer of 1967, was the Summer of Love, right in the middle of the free love, hippie movement. I grew up during this time, the Vietnam Conflict. During high school, I worked at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta, with other students. Many of the young guys who worked with us were being drafted, just after high school graduation, or sooner if they had dropped out, and were being sent to Vietnam.  And around town, thousands of kids had dropped out of school and lived communally, as hippies or “love children”. Many of them were on drugs. So, that was going on around Chrissy, my character, though she wasn’t a dropout or on drugs. She had attended church and Sunday school as a child, and knew sex outside of marriage was wrong. But like so many young people, she wanted to believe love trumped everything. John, her boyfriend, was shipping out for Vietnam soon. She loved him and wanted him to come home to her, so she gave herself to him. Many young women find themselves in this situation, even Christians, so it wasn’t difficult to see the layers of conflict in the story. And just like in real life, everything depends on how Chrissy reacts to her situation, and if she will allow God into her life. She turns to the Lord, and he becomes her main strength. And as in real life, He uses other people around her to love and care for her, showing His love, so she has her friends and co-workers to encourage her through her difficulties. I hope I’ve written a story that shows these problems and how my characters were uplifted through them.

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