A God Appointment


God appointments always astound me. Recently I was in WalMart doing my weekly grocery shopping and happened to run into three ladies. One was a tiny, 4’10” elderly woman. The other two were her daughter and niece, the niece informed me later.

Nothing unusual about that, right? Wrong! After a brief conversation, the lady’s niece gave me some amazing information. Her aunt, with the bright eyes and pleasing smile, was 100 years-old, and she’d be 101 in June.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to shake her hand and say hello. The inquisitive part of my personality dictated that I press on. I asked her the secret of good health, and she said all things in moderation. Good advice. Wish I could remember that at dinner.

God must’ve had a purpose for her, to keep her on the earth in such good health for so many years. God bless you, Miss Maybelle.


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