Hope by Fay Lamb


Since I am a Fay Lamb fan, I couldn’t wait until Hope was released. Hope is number three in her series The Ties That Bind, all set in one of my favorite states, Florida.

All the characters I loved in the previous two books were delightfully woven into the story: Evan and Libby Carter, Judge Delilah, and Charisse and Gideon Tabor.

Hope Astor has now given her life to the Lord, and it shows. Rather than the irresponsible playgirl from her past, Hope has learned to appreciate friends who’ve come along side her after her parents abandoned her. Love of painting occupies her time, but when she discovers lumps in her breasts, she accepts her need to see a physician.

Dr. Daniel Duvall is a prominent doctor who grew up with wealth and privilege. After he blames his sister’s death on her best friend Hope Astor, he and his family want nothing more to do with Hope. He’s blind to the change others see in the lovely young woman. Though he objects, Hope’s friends persuade him to take her on as a patient.

Hope struck deep emotional chords as a I read the book, my heart cheering for Hope. I found myself reaching for my tissue box several times, both with sadness and joy.

Fay Lamb’s research into breast cancer was impeccable and informative.

A few glimpses into the supernatural world set my imagination soaring.

I’ve heard rumors that there will be a fourth in the series, and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s publication.


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  1. Thank you, June. I so appreciate you. I smiled at your mention of Hope’s dreams as supernatural. I suppose that can be left to the reader’s interpretation. I do believe God can cause us to dream of situations that speak to those things that weigh on our heart, and because dreams can lead to a clear scriptural understanding of God’s meaning for us, we might call that supernatural. Hope’s dreams sequences were some of my favorite to write.

    • Fay, maybe because I’m getting closer to that stage in life, I perceived Hope’s dream as a tiny glimpse of Heaven. You’re so right. It was my own interpretation and not all readers would see it as such. Again, can’t wait for book #4.

      • June: I think your perception is a compliment. I wanted the reader to wonder about what was happening during those times and that’s why I did mention it in the discussion at the end of the story so that there is no scriptural misconception. I’m glad you brought that out. Thank you.

    • Melissa: I’d love to hear from you if you read it. The book is dedicated to women just like you. What I learned from writing this story is that you all are heroes.

    • Melissa, you will want to read this one, then. Fay takes the reader on quite an emotional ride but like her other books, instills in us the hope we have in Christ.

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