With Good Intentions by Jo Huddleston

With Good Intentions is the perfect title for this heartwarming, sweet romance. William Wainworth’s motives are positive, though he mixes deception with  good intentions as he carries out his plan.

Jean Stewart is a small town girl who, along with her mother, run the ice cream business her father began. When she won’t sell the property, William devises a plan to acquire the building.

The story is brimming with the flavors of the old south including colloquialisms and southern cooking. I’d love to see this story made into a Hallmark movie one day.

4 comments on “With Good Intentions by Jo Huddleston
  1. June, so glad you enjoyed reading With Good Intentions. Thanks for posting your review so others can find clean, quality fiction to read. I appreciate your kind words about my story. The story in a Hallmark movie would be something!

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