Week One~Spending the Month with Pegg Thomas

Join us as we welcome Pegg Thomas. Let’s learn learn more about her.

Tell the readers a little about yourself, how you started writing.

I’m a wife, mother, shepherd, fiber artist, gardener, and most of all, the daughter of a King. Writing was a bucket list thing for me. I’ve always wanted to write a book, and the day came when I actually picked up a pen, a pad of yellow legal paper, and started. That first story was terrible. The next was marginally better. The third landed me an agent. But in between the first terrible book and the agent, I spent a lot of time learning. The best thing I ever did was attend a writers’ conference. Without that avenue of learning I doubt I would have ever finished a book, much less reached publication.


Tell us about your writing history.

Before I started writing fiction, I wrote a lot of how-to articles, animal husbandry articles, and crafting articles. The turn into fiction was just something I’d always wanted to do. Once the nest emptied out, I didn’t have an excuse to keep putting it off. Embattled Hearts is my debut story, but certainly not the first I’ve written. The first book I wrote, oddly enough, was speculative fiction. The second was contemporary women’s fiction. Finally, on book three, I wrote in the genre I love the most, historical.


Why do you write?

I love to tell stories. I learned that at my granddad’s knee. He was the quintessential storyteller. I know a lot of people who say that they must write. They don’t have a choice. I’m not in the category. I write because I want to, not because I have to. And I’m glad about that, because if I had to write, I don’t know that I’d enjoy as much as I do.


What is your favorite book to read?

Oh, that’s like asking which one is your favorite child. No fair! But the fiction book I’ve read the most times is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Such an incredibly powerful story, one that truly touched my heart and changed how I look at people in horrible situations.

Do you have a favorite thing you like to do when you write? (eg music, tv etc.)

Drink coffee. Although my husband says it’s not “real” coffee. I admit that I like the taste of cream better than coffee, so my cup is pretty white.

What drew you to the genre you write in? 

I love historical novels. I’m a life-long history geek. I was reading the biographies of Robert E. Lee and Benjamin Franklin when my girlfriends were reading Nancy Drew. Currently I’m writing historical romance, because that’s what the publisher wants. Someday, however, I hope to get one of my historical novels published.

What does your writing time look like?

It looks a lot like drinking coffee and searching the web for historical details to make sure my stories are accurate. I do all my writing on the computer, but I still do all my notes by hand on those yellow legal pads.

Here is a sneak peak of her book.


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