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Give Us This Day

Give Us This Day is a wonderful story that lets readers explore our insecurities without the fears of getting burned or judged – exactly what’s needed in a fantasy world of twenty-something cuties, wounded widows, endless Amish, and prairie dust. Thank you, June!

With wonderful sensory images, the surprises keep unfolding in this delightful and refreshing romance of unlikely souls learning to love themselves as well as each other. Lisa Lickel

As We Forgive

This is more than just a Christian romance. It is a story that speaks to your heart, filling it with hope and empowering you to find that meaning within your own life. It gives one a sense of direction, even to those who consider themselves content, and professes the weaknesses in all of us human beings. Not even a Christian and child of God is faultless, hence this story reaches out to those who are new to the faith or who harbor those feelings towards the religious believer that may be mistaken. You are constantly reminded of the power of God’s love and how he is forgiving of all sins, hence one can always turn to him no matter what, for he will not judge but guide you. As a Christian myself I was drawn to June Foster’s message of honesty, where God looks into your heart to see what lies within all of us, where the outer shell means nothing as your inmost soul is exposed. If you are truthful and honest with yourself and open in your heart, then the Holy Spirit can be seen shining, radiating from inside you as you pass through life. Lucinda

Deliver Us

I recommend Deliver Us by June Foster to women who enjoy moving, heart stirring fiction. If you enjoy books by authors such as Karen Kingsbury, Denise Hunter, and Francine Rivers, I believe you will also appreciate June Foster’s writing. I look forward to reading other titles by June in the future. Sara Ella

A Hometown Fourth of July

As sweet romances go, June Foster’s A Hometown Fourth of July fits the bill, but there is so much more of an underlying story. The main plot is inspired by a real-life relative of the author, so we can see why the details are right on target. TWJ Magazine

Red and the Wolf

June Foster’s written a heart-warming book that re-tells Little Red Riding Hood in a grown-up fun way. She includes humor and writes from a Christian viewpoint. I recommend this book for a refreshing, inspirational read. Gail Pallotta

Ryan’s Father

I applaud June Foster’s novel that is full of insight from her experience as a Christian counselor. This is an emotional, dramatic, wholesome novel that is based—not on biased assumptions—but on fact coming out of the successful treatment of wounded individuals through Christ-centered counsel. Brava, June Foster. Christine Lindsay

For All Eternity

This book is different from any other book I have ever read. Two beautiful people believing in different Gods. One worshiped a loving God, the other worshiped a God that expected you to earn your way into Heaven. This was one interesting story. Judy Burgi

Echoes From the Past (none right now. This book just came out.)


Give Us This Day

Finalist 2013 National Readers Choice award

EPIC e-book awards 2013

Deliver Us

2014 Finalist Laurel Awards

Ryan’s Father

COTT Winner for January 2014

Cascade writing contest finalist Oregon Christian Writers