A Final Peek: at Christmas at Raccoon Creek

Let’s take a look at the hero and heroine. Here’s Emily Eason. 







And the guy Emily falls in love with, Lance Hardwicke—in 1952.





But when she finds herself back in present day, her head spins when this man is the pharmacist at Hardwick’s. 




I had fun writing slang from the fifties.

Lance is describing Emily.

What a dolly. Only thing, her threads looked strange, though he was no expert on women’s clothing.

Though beautiful and smart, Emily seemed a little goofy, not a normal cube in his opinion.


Daisy at the diner says, “Righto. One breakfast special coming up.”


Emily surprises herself when she says, “Sounds peachy keen.”  


And when Lance listens to the radio, these are his favorite singers.

The Phillips radio rested on the workspace next to empty bottles. He switched it on and turned the dial until he found the Birmingham station with the new style of music—rock and roll. Bill Haley and the Comets dominated the air waves, it seemed. If Lance were honest, he’d rather hear traditional music like Nat King Cole or Patti Page. Besides, the slow tunes got him thinking about Emily. Especially the love songs.



Emily Eason wants to distance herself from her parents’ opulent lifestyle in Birmingham, Alabama, and enjoy life in the rural village of Raccoon Creek and her fifties-style home. But after gazing into the little snow globe she purchased from Hardwicke’s Drugs and Gifts, she finds herself transported to another time—her grandmother’s era.

Lance Hardwicke is the pharmacist and owner of Hardwicke’s Drugs. Four years of pharmacy school didn’t allow for much of a social life. Gorgeous Emily Eason, nurse and resident of Raccoon Creek, has captured his attention. The next time she comes in the store, he’s determined to ask her out. Maybe take her to Birmingham to see the Christmas lights in his brand new orange and white ’53 Pontiac Pathfinder.

Can love span the fifty-year gap standing between them?


Where to purchase the book: Amazon http://tinyurl.com/jjz2a3x




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