A Mother’s Day Mystery

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers.

I can’t resist telling my funny, crazy Mother’s Day story. Last Wednesday I received not one, but two flower deliveries. The first was a gorgeous rose bush in a planter, just perfect for the yard at our new house. Since the card was only signed Love you, Mom, I figured it was from my husband’s son and his family in Columbiana just south of us.

I texted his wife and thanked her, then said Joe was planning to plant the flowers in the front flower bed.

Not more than an hour later, the doorbell rang, and I received another delivery. Gorgeous pink and white roses. No name on the note, only “Happy Mother’s Day to our traveling mom.” Traveling because we lived in our RV and traveled the US for quite a few years. This time the delivery had to be from my husband’s son in Texas.

When I called him to thank him for the flowers, he said “I hope Dad can find a good place to plant them.” Then it dawned on me. The rosebush was from him and the cut flowers from the son in Columbiana. I explained how I’d texted his brother’s wife and told her how Joe was going to plant them in the front yard. Right! The beautiful roses had the no roots but nevertheless we would plant them.

Joe’s Texas son said he supposed his brother and family might think it was time for June to go to a facility where she could get help. We had a great laugh. So glad we got the flower mystery straightened out.

Hope you have a joyful Mother’s Day.

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