A Peek in Pictures at: Misty Hollow

Sometimes when I write a book, I see a real-life place that reminds me of my story. I like to snap a picture that helps me visualize my setting. These are for Misty Hollow – all taken by me!

In the first scene, the heroine encounters a directional sign to the little town. For fun,  my husband constructed and painted this, and we set it up on a country road – or more like a path – close to our house.

Look closely!

Here’s the mention in the first scene.

The red Mazda zigzagged across the narrow wooden bridge and jaunted along the road’s curves through shadowy maples. Ahead, a rusty sign attached to a metal pole read Misty Hollow .5 miles. Almost there.






The Greenfield’s barn held one old cow, a dog named Sam, and a few stray cats. The real live barn in Locust Fork, Alabama, is over 100 years old.



There’s another sentence from the first scene in the heroine’s POV. This road is between Oneonta and Locust Fork. 


A few feet up, a gate opened to a dirt path leading to what looked like a farm with a couple of mountain cabins and a weather-worn barn beyond.





Our hero plays the mandolin in bluegrass concerts with his family. I attended a concert at a local church and snapped this picture.

A thrill skidded through her stomach. She’d see a real live bluegrass concert in only moments.








Joel’s dad lifted his free hand. “Yep, Joel’s a good ole boy. When he was a kid, he was always rescuin’ somethin’. Baby birds what fell from the nest, and I recollect a toad gettin’ stuck to fly paper out in the barn once. Took Joel a while to set him free without killin’ the poor thing.”

This is the hero’s father talking about him. How a little frog got caught on flypaper in the barn. That actually happened to us. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. But here’s the flypaper. 





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7 thoughts on “A Peek in Pictures at: Misty Hollow”

  1. Cute pictures that really go with the text! That bluegrass picture reminds me of Ann Gabhart’s husband’s Gospel group!

    1. Paula, I loved this concert. It was held at a small church in Locust Fork. My hairdresser’s husband is the pastor.

  2. I’ve been to some bluegrass concerts. I also remember my grandpa putting up fly paper. As a child, they fascinated us. Fun pictures!

    1. Paula, I loved this concert. It was held at a small church in Locust Fork. My hairdresser’s husband is the pastor.

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