A Peek Inside: Letting Go

Greetings, readers. I’m starting a new series to be featured on Mondays. It’s called A Peek Inside and will feature scenes and characters from my books. If you’ve already read the book, it will be fun to see if you visualized the scene or character like I did. 

When Zack saves Ella from a black racer.

In Letting Go, the hero, Zack Lawrence, rides his bike around the neighborhood hoping to catch a glance of Ella Russell, the woman he’s falling for. Fortunately, she’s doing some gardening next to her landlady’s house.

When Zack parks his bike next to a tree on the side yard, Ella suddenly screams and points toward the water hydrant. A harmless black racer is sunning himself near the dripping water. Since Ella’s petrified of snakes, Zack  hauls it off, down the alley, and to the field beyond.

When we left a restaurant in Cody, Wyoming and returned to the parking lot, I spotted this alley and snapped a picture. The alley looked similar to the one I visualized where Zack would walk, holding the racer’s neck with one hand and tail with the other.

The scene comes from chapter 12, but here’s the link to read the entire story.





When Pastor Zackary Lawrence lost his wife and unborn child, he couldn’t find the motivation to effectively pastor his church in Oak Mountain, Alabama. Now, six months later, the congregation has dwindled to less than a handful, and the bank forecloses on the building. Desperate, he takes a job at the local hardware store and reluctantly moves in with his parents.

Though Ella Russell has secretly been in love with Zack since high school, her hopes were shredded when he returned from seminary with a wife. Trying to forget the only guy she’s ever loved, she throws herself into her profession as a high school counselor.

Can God resurrect Zack’s life and allow him to finally discover the woman he’s always loved? If Ella entrusts her heart to Zack, will he shatter her hopes once more?


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