A Peek Into: Almond Street Mission

The characters:

Glorilyn Neilson – the young teacher whose brother goes missing. One evening she’s attacked in the alley by a large, burly vagrant.




Caleb Jeremiah Goodman – handsome, mysterious homeless man  who saves Glorilyn from the potential rape




Aldo Beam – drug addict.  Trying to save Aldo, Caleb gets kicked out of the shelter.




Andy Holloway – drug addict saved by God’s grace. Andy’s testimony blesses Glorilyn when she grieves for her brother.




Mr. Harris – mission director. A tough but godly man who oversees the mission



Preston Harmon – assistant mission director. Preston falls in love with Glorilyn’s best friend.










A brother gone missing, a handsome vagrant, and a desperate woman—what powerful secret hovers over Almond Street Mission?








Where to find Almond Street Mission – Amazon


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