A Peek Into Almond Street Mission

Almond Street Mission

In doing research for Almond Street Mission, I discovered Mike Yankoski. Mike is a writer and speaker with a MA in theology.. Mike went homeless for five months, hoping to better understand and minister to those on the street. In his book Under the Overpass, he describes how he ate out of garbage cans and slept under overpasses. In Almond Street Mission, my character, Caleb Goodman, does the same.


When Glorilyn Neilson’s nineteen-year-old brother, Tannon, goes missing without a trace, she’s frantic. Prayer and volunteering at the local homeless shelter in El Camino must fill the time until her sibling returns. But her sapphire eyes and auburn hair inadvertently cause a stir among the male population at the center. Her life changes one evening when she’s attacked by a burly vagrant intent on rape in the alley behind the building.

Jeremiah Goodman loves the Lord, but he’s homeless. When he witnesses a foul-mouthed vagrant overpowering one of the volunteers at the homeless shelter, he defends her, saving her from unwanted advances.

When Glorilyn offers him a way of escape from his impoverished lifestyle, he can’t tell her why he must live the life of a vagrant. What powerful secret keeps him on the streets?


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