A PEEK INTO: Letting Go

Last week, readers got a peek at the real life people who just happen to look like my characters in Restoration of the Heart. This week it’s Zack and Ella’s turn in Letting Go. Again, these famous people happen to jump out at me while perusing pictures looking for my Zack and Ella.



Zack Lawrence attended seminary at his parents’ insistence, though he’d always wanted to serve the Lord. After one ill-fated night, he returned to Oak Mountain with a wife and unborn child. After she died of an embolism, he blamed himself. He lost the will to pastor, and the church dwindled to less than a handful. Letting Go opens when Zack is locking the church doors forever, not sure what he’ll do with the rest of his life. 





Though Ella Russell had secretly been in love with Zack since high school, her hopes were shredded when he returned from seminary, accompanied by a wife. Trying to forget the only guy she’d ever loved, she threw herself into her profession as a high school counselor, working with rebellious youth. When Zack’s wife died, Ella grieved with him. Ella’s story opens when she drops by the church, and the worst has happened. She finds a distraught Zack locking the doors for good with the bank’s immanent foreclosure.


Can God resurrect Zack’s life and allow him to finally discover the woman he’s always loved? If Ella entrusts her heart to Zack, will he shatter her hopes once more?


I’m amazed at how closely my editor matched my vision of Ella on the cover of Letting Go. 



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