A Peek Into: Prescription for Romance

Prescription for Romance is the sequel to Letting Go. Both set in the small fictional Alabama town of Oak Mountain. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the story.


Behind the Scenes – Prescription for Romance

Prescription for Romance is the sequel to Letting Go, both set in small town Alabama. Scott Townsend made a brief appearance in the first book and dated the heroine. He was a nice guy then. Unselfish, thoughtful, sweet. Or so I thought. He didn’t tell me much in that first book. It wasn’t until Prescription for Romance that he revealed the truth.

When I began the sequel, I knew Scott would be the hero, but a perfect guy? Wrong. He soon showed me he held anger and resentment against his younger brother. His parents had pampered the kid and allowed him to get by with lots of things Scott had received punishment for when he was a child. Naturally Scott harbored bitterness in his heart. Wouldn’t you?

One morning, I read Luke 15:11-32, the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It dawned on me. Scott was the older brother in the story, filled with pride and unwilling to extend grace to his younger sibling. From there, I built his character.

The heroine also challenged me. In Letting Go, she also made a brief appearance in which she played the villain. She attempted to lure the hero to move beyond his moral compass. I loved to hate her in the first story—taking advantage of a wounded, vulnerable pastor who’d lost his wife and unborn child.

But in the second story, she told me more about herself and why she behaved as she did. She had emerged from a love-starved childhood where her father lived his profession, and her mother cared more for charities than her own daughter. When the villainous woman who became the heroine in the second story revealed a broken heart, I began to feel compassion for her, though she tried the same stunt on Scott.

So when Stephanie and Scott found the courage to acknowledge their true selves, they became genuine heroes and heroines in Prescription for Romance.


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