A Prayer for our Nation Patterned After 11 Chronicles 7:14

American Flag

Dear Lord,

I pray for Your people, including myself. We are in awe that You would choose to call us by Your great name. We are unworthy, yet You bestowed Your name upon us. Help us to remember we are but dust and that You are the God of gods and King of kings who has created all that exists. Help us to humble ourselves before You.

We seek You, for You alone are worthy. Only You can forgive our sins. Grant that we may turn from our inclinations to follow the world. How easy it is to want to fit in, but these worldly wrongs only stand between You and us. Allow us to walk away when faced with temptation. Living for You is more valuable than anything this world can offer.

Lord, You have promised that if we distance ourselves from godless ventures, you will hear our prayers and forgive our sins. We claim Your precious promise to heal our land, the United States of America, our homeland.


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