A Real Live Visit to Cranberry Cove

The Cranberry Cove series takes place at the imaginary bed and breakfast, The Inn at Cranberry Cove, in Washington state. The real-life location is The Inn at Harbour Village in Ilwaco, Washington. My husband and I lived in Lacey, Washington for twelve years and had the privilege of staying overnight at the inn and visiting the small town of Ilwaco. Our dear friends Jerry Mallory and her daughter TerriAnn Hawkswood and family live in Olympia on a beautiful lake. Both are avid readers and have read the Cranberry Cove series. Several weeks ago, they took a day’s trip to Ilwaco and enjoyed a visit to the inn. TerriAnn sent me pictures and a wonderful description of their day. I’d love to share it with you.

“It was actually a beautiful, sunny day. We were celebrating my birthday with a day trip. It was an extra-long drive because we took back, windy roads. Neither of us had ever been to Ilwaco, so it was an extra treat. We drove all over town, down to the waterfront, and saw the boats at the marina. The town June wrote about was much more picturesque than the real town. The inn was just as charming as the Inn at Cranberry Cove. The setting was beautifully nestled under the trees. We didn’t find anywhere we wanted to eat lunch so we drove to Long Beach. There was a cranberry museum in Long Beach, and we drove around and saw the bogs. We didn’t take time to tour there because we were running out of time.”

Note from June: In all three books, I renamed Long Beach with the fictional name Oceanview. I hope you enjoy the pictures TerriAnn sent.

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