Always With You by Elaine Stock

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When I discovered that Always With You by Elaine Stock was her debut novel, my mouth dropped open. I could only hope the next book would be out soon. This is one of the best stories I’ve read in years. From the first chapter, the characters grabbed my attention and at the halfway point, I was so invested in the plot, I couldn’t set it down. Literally.

Isabelle was raised in an atheistic home by her father and grandmother. Worse, her questions about her family history were always whisked aside, as if she had no right to answers. She longs for a family who accepts her unconditionally.

Tyler is a hardworking, responsible young man raising his twin brothers and sister after the death of his parents. Parents who beat and abused him physically and mentally. When the Faithful offered to take them all in, he readily accepted. Yet it was his worst mistake.

As each chapter unfolds, we discover more and more of the ugly truth. When the reader believes that the worst is over, more difficulties afflict the characters. The story is compelling, driving home a timeless truth.

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