ANOTHER PEEK INTO: Christmas at Raccoon Creek

In Christmas at Raccoon Creek, a couple of the minor characters were business owners in the area. Once, on her way to the drug store, Emily stopped at the local diner, Daisy’s Country Restaurant. I patterned it after this one in Locust Fork.


The passage from the story:

“Yes, ma’am. What can I get you?” A woman with a name-tag that said “Daisy” came toward Emily. Daisy’s short curls bounced as she set a glass of water on the table.

“The special, please.”

“Righto. One breakfast special coming up.”

Lance Hardwicke is the pharmacist and owner of the drug store. One day Mr. Crider, the owner of the hardware store, comes in.

The passage:

When the bell on the front door dinged, he glanced up. Mr. Crider, owner of Crider’s Hardware, lumbered in. “Morning, Lance.”

“Well, good morning to you, too. All ready for Christmas?” Lance finished adhering price tags to the soap and toothpaste.

“Yes, sir. All except a gift for my wife. I’m stumped this year. What do you recommend?” The slender man dressed in slacks and dress shirt, furrowed his brow.

“I have just the thing.” Lance walked to the toiletry counter and bent down to the bottom shelf. He grasped the round glass bottle with the crystal stopper. “Shalimar Cologne. This will impress her, and she’s bound to love the scent.”

Mr. Crider eyed the bottle. “Well, I guess that’s better than giving her the metal cabinet hinges I first thought about. Her kitchen sure could use some new ones, and she’s mighty good with a screw driver and hammer.”

Lance and Emily’s first date is to see the Christmas lights in Birmingham.

The passage:

Emily caught her breath. On the other side of the street, the Christmas lights decorating a brick colonial revival must’ve displayed every color in the rainbow. Three windows upstairs and two down were bordered in shining bulbs. A wreath hung on the front door, and an evergreen in the yard shone with twinkling brilliancy.


Emily Eason wants to distance herself from her parents’ opulent lifestyle in Birmingham, Alabama, and enjoy life in the rural village of Raccoon Creek and her fifties-style home. But after gazing into the little snow globe she purchased from Hardwicke’s Drugs and Gifts, she finds herself transported to another time—her grandmother’s era.

Lance Hardwicke is the pharmacist and owner of Hardwicke’s Drugs. Four years of pharmacy school didn’t allow for much of a social life. Gorgeous Emily Eason, nurse and resident of Raccoon Creek, has captured his attention. The next time she comes in the store, he’s determined to ask her out. Maybe take her to Birmingham to see the Christmas lights in his brand new orange and white ’53 Pontiac Pathfinder.

Can love span the fifty-year gap standing between them?


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