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About the book:

How likely is young widow Dawn Sellers to find marital happiness with her current distracted, goofy and rich boyfriend? When she meets another man, Dawn is hopeful but learns he has a disappointing, secret life and a gorgeous friend, who’s almost young enough to be his daughter! Buckle up for a twisting and turning, zany Christmas relationship ride!





About the Author:

James Yarbrough lives with his wife in Plano, Texas, and is blessed to have three children. He is a climatologist by training and holds bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Georgia, with doctoral studies at Georgia and the University of Colorado. After a long technical career, he began fiction writing in earnest in 2012 and enjoys exploring how people, particularly Christians, respond to ordinary events in their day-to-day lives. Or events they think are ordinary. With a large amount of quirky comedy to mine from such times, several of his writings are humor tales such as Jingle Belles and Christmas Beaus, a romantic comedy published by Winged Publications, and the short stories What’s the Meaning of This? (a collection of ten), An Advanced Case, A Death in His Family, and A Shrink’s Christmas (a two-story collection). He has also written Wednesday’s Commute, a suspense short-story, and The Forge of Gleipnir, a short piece of science fiction. All these are available in ebook format at Also, his contemporary-dramatic short story There Are Other Things to Do in Switzerland was published in Pathos: The Magazine of Culture and Faith, at Follow him at


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Jingle Belles and Christmas Beaus

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