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About the book: 

Strong-minded widow Amber Bradford knows exactly what her three grown sons need—wives—and she determines to have her boys married by Christmas. When she announces an impending trip to seekbrides for them, the Bradford men know they must derail their mother’s scheme or polish their boots for their weddings.

Doc Latham, Amber’s oldest friend, answers the Bradford men’s entreaty to try and dissuade their mother from her idea of December nuptials for them. Doc accompanies Amber on her matchmaking mission, where she enlists adventurous women eager to make a husband-hunting pilgrimage to Texas.

Sparks fly when thematchmaker’s sons and prospective brides meet, but not in the way she expects. So, she adjusts her strategy.

Will Amber see her dream of  a Christmas wedding fulfilled?



About the Author:

Linda Baten Johnson has spent many hours packing and unpacking as she and her husband George have lived in 20 different places in the United States and enjoyed a stint in England. In between moves, Linda earned her Master of Arts degree in English and history, worked as a Realtor, a teacher, and logged many volunteer hours.One of her favorite volunteer assignments was at a lighthouse in a National Park where she and her husband were housed in the assistant keeper’s cottage.


Growing up in White Deer, a small town in the panhandle of Texas, Linda won blue ribbons for her storytelling ability. Shestill loves telling stories, reading stories, and sharing stories. A tornado destroyed the town when Linda lived there, and watching faith-based actions in rebuilding lives and homes after that tragedy influences her writing.

She writes for young readers who face difficult situations and for the romantic reader who prefers the squeaky-clean version of love. To learn more about Linda and her books, please visit her website at


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