Behind the Scenes with Pegg Thomas (and the Giveaway winner)

Behind the Scenes – How the characters in Embattled Hearts got to where they are

Alannah Fagan is a young woman in a desperate situation. When her mother dies on the way to Oregon, her stepfather decides to marry her to his slow-witted son. Convinced she’ll never survive the cruelty of the father or the son, she escapes from the wagon train with Connor, her younger brother. She has no plans and no family to return to in Kentucky. Her only goal is to survive. Her only hope is in running, because she’s lost hope in everything else, including God.

Stewart McCann grew up on a wealthy plantation in Northern Virginia, the middle of seven brothers. With the Civil War heating up, he’s convinced the right – and unpopular – path for him lies to the west. Turning his back on his family, he takes a job as Stationmaster for the Pony Express. Daily, as the riders come through, news of the war pecks at his conscience. Had God really called him away from the war? Or was he a coward? He struggles to make sense of his reason for being at Horseshoe Station.

One final tidbit about Pegg and where to find her online.

Pegg is a regular blogger at both and When not working on her latest novel, Pegg can be found in her garden, in her kitchen, tending her sheep, or on her trusty old horse, Trooper. See more at

The winner of the EBook is…….




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  1. Congratulations Janet, thanks for taking the time to comment on the post. Enjoy your book, Pegg will be contacting you about it.

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