Can We Conceptualize the Eternal God?

For most of my Christian life, I’ve thought about the concept that God had no beginning and no end. Each time I stopped to ponder the notion, it’s as if I hit a blank wall in my brain. I couldn’t go further. I couldn’t fathom the idea.

So, I figured there are some things that we won’t understand until we see Him face to face. I accepted by faith that God has always existed, and He always will. Give it a try. Try to truly conventionalize that He had no beginning and has no end.

Then last week the same thoughts came to mind. But this time something different happened. As if I heard the Lord speaking in a still small voice, I understood the concept.

Once again, I expected to hit a brick wall when I attempted to understand how God has no beginning. And yet, I sensed these words: I had no beginning because I am God.

It’s difficult for me to describe what I mean. Perhaps you’re saying, yeah, well I know God is God. But the words sank deep within me and took on a new meaning. He is God. All things are possible with Him. Therefore, he can have no beginning or ending.

As a sidenote—I’ve never heard the audible voice of God.

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