Standing for Truth

A pastor watches the news. Gay Pride month. Homosexual marriage. Teaching about homosexuality in schools. Romans 1:26-27 blares in his mind. Something about God giving over people to their dishonorable passions because they exchanged natural relations for those contrary to nature. He paces the floor in his study and realizes he can no longer remain …

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Fear of Death

I fully believe in the truth of the Bible. Jesus died on a cross so that I may have eternal life—a life with Him for ever and ever. I don’t know exactly what that life will look like, but I’m convinced that existence in the afterlife will be glorious, perfect because I will be in …

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Are You Thirsty?

I grew up decades ago when in high school, the worst thing that teenagers did was go behind the school grounds and smoke cigarettes. Once before I graduated, I heard about how a very popular cheerleader had to leave school and go live with her “Aunt Sally.” Not too many mentioned how she left for …

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