Celebrating Friendship

What fun to meet online friends in person!



Gail Pallotta here.

While reminiscing about how long we’ve known each other, June Foster and I decided to tell the story of our chance face to face meeting. And we’re giving away a couple of e-Books to one winner chosen at random. June will give away Dreams Deferred, her latest romance novel, and I’ll give away Stopped Cold, my young adult sports mystery.

To enter to win answer the following question in the comment section below and leave an email address.

QUESTION: Do you think God sets up appointments or encounters? Tell us if you’ve had one, perhaps when you met your husband, a close friend or a neighbor.

June and I met online when we joined American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) about six years ago. Later, we literally ran into each other as we registered at a recent ACFW Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Going inside the hotel to register, I was stepping off the escalator and June was about to get on the other side. We recognized each other from our photos. I was so excited to enter a conference so large and run smack-dab into a friend I’d come to enjoy knowing, even if it was only through the printed word. We stopped in our tracks, hugged each other, and sat down on a bench nearby to chat.

I believe our meeting was no coincidence considering all the people attending. We had a great time catching up that morning, but there was even more to come. We met up again in a class and asked one of the writers attending to take the picture above.


June here.

I agree with Gail. Our chance meeting on the escalators was no chance at all. The Lord likely had something to do with it. Gail and I first met online as critique partners in a Scribes small group. In Nashville, we not only enjoyed meeting each other, but I shared a table with Gail and her husband at the gala dinner on the last evening. What a great opportunity to share writing experiences with a fellow southerner. I remember Gail gave me a marketing tip that helped me to increase my blog readership. Gail, thanks for your friendship.


Gail’s giveaway: 

Margaret McWhorter enjoys a laid-back Freshman year in high school swimming and hanging out with friends—until the day her brother, Sean, suffers a stroke from taking steroids. Now he’s lying unconscious in a hospital.

Anger sets a fire for retribution inside her, and Margaret vows to make the criminals pay. Even the cop on the case can’t stop her from investigating. Looking for justice, she convinces two friends, Jimmy and Emily to join her in a quest that takes them through a twisted, drug-filled sub-culture they discover deep in the woods behind the school. Time and again they walk a treacherous path, and come face-to-face with danger.

All the while Margaret really wants to cure Sean, heal the hate inside, and open her heart to love.


Enter the drawing to win Gail’s book by answering the question then scurry over to her site to win a copy of mine. Do you think God sets up divine appointments? Why or tell us about time he did.


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  1. I do believe God sets up divine appointments. I experienced one this past weekend at a writers conference in NC. I was seated and turned around in my chair to ask the ladies behind me if they had enough room or should I move my chair a little bit. As I turned around, I was wonderfully surprised to see my friend Dr. Michelle Bengtson. God knew we needed to meet in person. What a wonderful weekend!

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