Computer Problems

A while back my computer became quite ill. It refused to “save” my documents and wavy lines streaked across the screen. Its cry for help warned me of the need for a doctor. So, limping along because of my lack of technical knowledge, I decided to call Microsoft.

Unfortunately, I clicked on the wrong website. Like a crazy person, I opened the first link on the page after a google search. One of those pages that had the words “Ad” before the link. “Ad” means they want to sell you something. Here’s the story.

My first clue should’ve been the guy that came on the phone who could barely speak English. I understood every other word. He assured me he could “fix” my problem. But first he had to “take control” of my computer. I had to let him go inside my poor, ailing machine so he could make his diagnosis.

I should’ve known better, and I’m warning anyone reading this, beware. Unless you know the source is reputable, DON’T DO IT! After he took charge of my computer, he changed the subject. He said he would sell me access to his technical services for an entire 12 months for only $175.00. At that point, I realized I’d called the wrong person. I told him I wouldn’t be interested, and he all but said I was an idiot for not buying his support.

When he realized I really wasn’t interested, he said okay. I noticed the cursor was traveling all over the screen. In moments, he disappeared without another word and the computer came back under my control. Only thing, I had a terrible virus, worse than before. The debilitated machine wouldn’t even go on the internet or access any of my files. Now my instrument had to visit the local computer doctor for virus removal to the tune of $150.

I’m so grateful that there is One we can give control of everything in our lives, our computer, our family, our finances, everything!

The Lord Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

He is faithful and trustworthy in all things and will never do us harm.

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