Dancing in a Field of Daisies: Resting in the Lord

As everyone knows, while we’re on this earth, no one escapes the negatives of life. Christians included.

Too, the more years we live, the more time for the effects of unpleasant and stressful issues to accumulate and weigh us down. I used to think that when I got older, I could deal with problems more easily. It didn’t work that way.

But wait. What about Jesus’ words where he says, “Cast all your burdens on me because I care for you.”

What does that look like? I believe it means to tell Him about our concerns, pray for those involved, and set aside the emotional pain, enjoying the confidence that comes from knowing the Lord is in charge. Too bad I didn’t learn that when I was in my thirties or forties.

I have to admit. I inherited my melancholy nature from my father. But that’s no excuse. I use to worry about people and situations in my life I had no control over. When I prayed, I’d crawl in an emotional hole, allowing the burden to become heavier and heavier.

I’ve discovered a wonderful way to pray these days. I’m sure many others already do this. As I pray, I visualize the concern or the person then I see the cross of Christ. I picture myself laying the burden, perhaps in the form of a big box or bundle, down in front of the cross, enjoying the confidence that God is in charge and not me. Then I run to a field of daisies, frolicking and praising the Lord.

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