Dealing With Poor Health

As I get older, I’m plagued with health issues, not unlike most of us. Aches and pains that weren’t there before. Or more serious diseases that afflict our bodies. Unfortunately, we don’t have to be older to have health problems. Illness strikes at every age. But there is a positive side to poor health, believe it or not.

When we’re not able to carry on with daily tasks, when our bodies don’t cooperate, we suddenly have time for reflection and become acutely aware of our finite nature. When I was younger, I thought I was invincible. No more.

In the opportunity to put life into perspective, we realize how much we need and depend on God and place our trust in the Almighty and not self. Yes, this is a tough subject, but I think some of us need to think about it.

Loved ones or our good health may be stripped away from us. But there is still One who will never leave or forsake us. We can hold on to this and be filled with joy. In Hebrews 13:5, God says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” That’s a promise we can embrace.

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