Debut Author~ Week Three with Susan Lantz Simpson

Fun Questions

Where is your dream vacation?

It’s been so long since I’ve taken a vacation, any place sounds like a dream! I do like the ocean, though.


What is the silliest thing you ever wrote into a story?

I am working on a story that includes a big, stuffed dog named Scruffy.

Where would be your dream setting for a book?

That’s a tough question! There are so many places to choose from. It might be fun to have a story set in a coastal town that features a lighthouse. Then I could visit the ocean for research!

 Tell us about where you’d love to get away for a writing retreat.

It would have to be some quiet, non-touristy place on the water, either the ocean or the Chesapeake Bay. The sound of the waves is so calming. I can close my eyes and imagine all sorts of things.


Who do you hope to be like (author) when you grow up?

There are so many authors I admire and whose books I enjoy (Mary Ellis, Kelly Irvin, Ruth Reid, Dana Mentink, Shirlee McCoy, Amy Lillard–just to name a few). I would like to be as inspiring and as entertaining as they are.

Do you have any pets, and do they make it into your stories?

I currently have three cats who do try to sneak into my stories.




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