Differences between two voices – God’s and Satan’s

Adapted by permission from Our Daily Bread

On occasion, I question whether I’m hearing from the Lord or another. I read a helpful article in Our Daily Bread and got permission to summarize some of the information.


Tone: accusing, nagging, and mocking. Generates fear and causes confusion.

Vague: generates an overall sense of guilt, as if everything is wrong. Creates feelings of hopelessness and weakness.

Discouraging: attacks your self-confidence, tells you that you are weak and worthless.

Brings up the past: replays your sin and shame, reminds you of your poor choices.

Rejecting: produces the feeling that God has rejected you as unworthy and unholy. Portrays God as Judge and you as a miserable sinner.

Isolating: gives suggestions that cause you to withdraw from others.

Negative: tells you that the horrible way you feel is the way it is.


The Holy Spirit

Tone: gentle, loving, imploring, and urges your return to Him.

Specific: tells you to take a specific action in response to sin, freedom follows.

Encouraging: says you can rely on His power, not your strength.

Releases you from the past: tells you your sins are forgiven, never to be held against you.

Attracts: generates an expectation of kindness, love, and a new beginning with His help.

Draws into fellowship: sends others to minister to you in love, as well as sends you to others. Speaks of His unchanging nature and steadfast love.

Truthful: states the facts about you and God.

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