If you are a follower of the Messiah Jesus Christ and have trusted Him for salvation, then you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord every Easter with over two billion people. That’s about one third of the world’s population.

I thank God that I’m a member of His flock and that He chose me to follow Him. It boggles my mind that He could care for me individually.

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me: your love, O Lord, endures forever. Psalm 138:8

Not only does He cherish and nurture me, but He also has a plan for me as a writer. I desire to pen the stories He puts on my heart. I need to know where to submit my work and to trust Him with the results – whether it’s an acceptance or a rejection. Then I want to know where to go next. I need to keep my sights on God’s purpose and perform each task in His strength, not my own.

God’s Word sustains me daily. The Bible is a lamp to my feet, a light for my path.

The one who trusts in him will never be put to shame. Hebrews 9:33

Dear Lord, increase my faith so I might serve You until the day You take me home. Amen.

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