Fall decoration contest winner

The leaves are changing colors, the air is a little nippy and our eyes turn toward the new season.  Thank you to all my readers who sent in your creative ideas for fall decorations. With colorful berries, assorted pumpkins, lanterns filled with leaves and acorns, flowers, a mantel of sunflowers and lights, I loved them all. Harvest time reminds us of all the blessings we have.

Congratulations to our winner, Sharon Simms, who had an especially meaningful decoration. One reason I love this decoration is that each item is a story ready to be told.
In Sharon’s words:

“Hi June,

I love fall colors. My fall arrangement is special to me because each part has significance. The paper flower a gift from a grandchild and the apple from my sister in law. The harvest basket reminds me of a dear friend. The scarecrow, and even the dried flower arrangement I received four years ago when my husband died, they all have memories attached. The small cluster of grapes is a tribute from my first grapevine.


Sharon Simms”

Congratulation to Sharon who received an autographed copy of A Kiss Under the Mistletoe.

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