Fay Lamb’s New Release

I’m so excited about Fay’s new book Frozen Notes. Don’t miss getting your copy of this five star novel.

Frozen Notes

I’m a great fan of all of Fay Lamb’s books. Book 4 in the Amazing Grace series, Frozen Notes, walks readers through an arduous journey of drug and alcohol recovery. Yet, God is present every step of the way and provides the ultimate healing.

Balaam Carter left Lyric behind, pregnant and alone, to pursue a career as a rock star. But the glamorous life he sought almost cost him his life. His body is abused and battered with drug use, and he only wants one thing. To return to Amazing Grace to renew his relationship with Lyric and their son, Cade. But would he be welcome if he can overcome the demons that plague his life?

Lyric Carter almost dies at the hands of her husband, Braedon Carter, Balaam’s brother, the man who offered to marry her after Balaam’s departure. But Lyric’s brother, Mathew, throws his body in front of her to protect her from the bullet intended for her, giving up his life.

Frozen Notes is enriched by the many characters who interact with Lyric and Balaam. Fay Lamb leads us through difficult family problems no doubt many of us suffer. Lyric’s alcoholic mother raises the emotional stakes as one secret after another is revealed.

Fay Lamb’s suspense offers deep spiritual truths wrapped in an engaging story. From one complication to the next, Frozen Notes never allowed me to leave the edge of my seat. Fay’s gracious offer to donate the proceeds from this book to Samaritan’s Purse after the devastating hurricane, Irma, warms my heart. A storm in which Fay and her family also suffered. 








Where to purchase Fay’s novel: Amazon

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