For Folks over 55

Blooming Carnations — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Caution: This message is for those over 55 only.


Sometimes I feel like the faded carnations I had to toss in the garbage because they were wilted and brown on the edges. But then I took one last whiff of the discolored petals. The aroma was divine despite their appearance.


Just like these flowers that still possessed a heavenly scent, we, too, are valuable despite our arthritis, failing eyesight, and hearing aids. God can use us at any age – until the day He calls us home.


Though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day. Take courage when you find that white hair or first wrinkle. To God we are the fragrance of the knowledge of him, the sweet aroma of God’s people saved by the power of Christ.

4 thoughts on “For Folks over 55”

  1. Amen! Biblical truth here! No age is too old (or young!) to add to the kingdom. He’s still writing our stories and He has done tremendous examples of using people in their second half of life!

  2. I am 57 and will turn 58 on Sept. 25th. My Mama always said she wouldn’t be old until she turned 100.
    She didn’t live until 100 but I will always remember her love for life and how young she felt, even with numerous aches and pains.

    1. Melissa, I’ve always heard that old age is always 10 years older than you are now. Your mom sounds like a wonderful mother. I try not to complain, but sometimes it’s hard. Just helps a little to share.

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