At my former church, I was privileged to participate in a prayer group. We specifically lifted up to the Lord our nation week after week. We prayed for the President, Vice President, the Speaker of the House, Congress, the state governors, city mayors, and on and on. I’m grateful God placed this venture on the hearts of several people in our church, including me.

One week, I thought about the freedom we had to walk into the church building every Wednesday morning and gather for prayer. Not to speak of, Sunday mornings and any other day we chose to worship.

Not so in other countries. I read an article about persecuted Christians in Iran risking their lives for their faith, many languishing in grimy prison cells. At this time, we can freely confess our faith in the US.

Being born in the United States is a blessing we take for granted. Through no effort on my part, I am a citizen of our great country. Like God’s salvation, I did nothing to earn my nationality. It’s a gift from God, and that’s why I belonged to the prayer group at my church. Our wonderful country seems to be moving in the wrong direction, and there’s a bunch of people in Alabama who object to that.

Let’s not take this blessing lightly, but thank God for our freedoms in our country. Perhaps we hear this same message a lot, but it needs repeating. We can never thank God enough for our independence.  

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 1 Corinthians 3:17

Dear Lord, please never let me forget to be grateful for my country, the United States of American. I give You thanks for our freedom. Amen.

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