Go RV’ing

 Renting or selling your house  and traveling full time?  Or traveling part time? 



We were very blessed to have responsible, caring people in our home. My husband is retired army so we advertised our house at the nearby army base, Ft. Lewis, Washington.


We required a yearly lease contract that we and the tenets signed. My husband found blank forms at an office supply store. The tenets give us a check for the first and last month’s rent. If they had pets, we required a $200 pet deposit per animal. The best procedure is to ask the renters to establish an allotment for the amount of the rent.


If a person decided to relocate after traveling a few years and wanted to buy a house in another part of the country, the rental property is a good investment.



We found that living in the RV full time isn’t as expensive as living in a home, so you can expect to save money. For one thing, you can’t spend a lot on “things” because there’s no room to store them.


With a house






Without a house





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