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What about RV campgrounds? Any tips on saving money?



Our RV parked at Del Pueblo RV Park in Yuma, Arizona



The cost of RV campgrounds depends on what part of the country you’re in. In the south they are less expensive. If you’re blessed to be retired military, you can stay in great military RV parks for about half the price of civilian parks.


Parks give better rates if you pay by the week and even better by the month. There is a thick book called Trailer Life which lists all reputable campgrounds. It even ranks them on neatness, facilities available within the campground, and aesthetic beauty.


On the average, a one night’s stay will be around $30. But by the month, it could be $400-$500. That will include everything – electric (although sometimes electric is extra) water, use of the facilities such as a pool, rec room, or showers. Be careful as some RV park chains charge more just because of their name.


Good Sam is worth the cost of a yearly membership which is around $30. Good Sam campgrounds will give a 10 percent discount and believe me, there are plenty of Good Sam campgrounds throughout the US.


If you can, avoid peak times of year – like Florida in the winter and northern locations in the summer. Rates go up at this time. You can always call ahead using your Trailer Life catalogue and see what the prices are. Once we stayed at a park in Titusville, Florida which cost $80 a day, but it was an exclusive resort complete with a country club, golf course, and restaurant.


There is another option which is called Work Camping, but I’ll tell you more about that next time.



  The view from our RV at Pelican’s Roost RV Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

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