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Going RVing is a fun experience, but what about making money while seeing the nation? 

Many RV parks advertise for “work campers.” These are RV’ers who commit to working a certain number of hours a week in exchange for their site. In some cases you can work more hours and be paid a small salary. Most camps ask for both the man and the woman to work. The woman generally works in the office and the guy works outside with maintenance.


Usually the park will ask you for a 3-4 month commitment. My husband and I work camped and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was on a reality show once when an alligator was “found” under an RV at the park where we worked. Gater 911 filmed at Hidden Lake RV in Beaumont, TX while I was working in the office.

Filming began in the office. That’s me behind the desk.




These two guys are rescuing the alligator from under the RV.

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