Go RVing Workcamping in Ardmore, OK

Work Camping 101 continued.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Hidden Lake RV Park in Ardmore, OK.  All except for one day.


The hail showered down on our RV then the sky grew  dark. Did I forget to mention we were there in the month of May, and May is tornado season in Oklahoma?



The sirens blared and we looked at the sky. A huge tornado funnel appeared in the sky. It was time to take shelter. I snapped a shot and decided to put it on Facebook, but my husband insisted we leave right away. Can you imagine?

The local shelter was in the junior high school so we hopped in the car and waited it out for about 3 hours with a ton of other people., praying all the while that our RV would come out of this ok. It did.


But honesty, don’t allow tornadoes to stop you from workcamping if you’re interested. Just don’t go in May.

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