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Why do I dare tackle this subject?

My husband and I RV’ed for most of the last 18 years. Part time and full time. So I consider myself an


Have you recently bought an RV or traveled for a while? Wednesdays on my blog are for you.



 What type of RV can I recommend?


Our last RV was a 2013 37-foot Tiffin Allegro Open Road. It’s called a class A, meaning the engine is in the front. We towed a car in the back. Not every kind of car can be towed. Check to see if your car is towable for the kind of RV you get. Then buy a tow package and have it installed on the car. The cost is around $1200.


Most full time RVers have either a Class A or a Fifth Wheel. With a Fifth Wheel, you will need a truck to pull it. I’m told a 5th wheel is harder to set up and break down. But then my husband always did that, though I’ve seen a lot of wives help and some do it themselves. A 5th wheel seems roomier and more like a little apartment. But if it doesn’t have a generator like most Class A’s, so you can’t “dry camp.” Dry camp means stopping somewhere and parking where no hook ups are available. I’ve also been told that 5th wheels are nice for people who like to stay in one place and not travel around as much. An example would be people from Washington who go to Arizona for the winter. Or people in the northeast who spend the winter in Florida.


Be smart and get a fairly new, maybe 2-3 years old, pre-owned RV. New ones carry a higher price and you have to “work the bugs” out of them. Ours was new and we had it in the shop about 3 times the first year although the warranty paid for it. It’s a good idea not to tie up home equity in an RV if you intend to sell your home and travel full time.  Unlike a house, an RV depreciates every year.



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    1. Melissa, that’s so funny. Wonder no more, however. We just moved into our new house and will be selling the RV. Sniff. Sniff. Still have the memories. Thanks for your comment.

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