Grateful for My Pastor

Since the month of November is a good time to be thankful—and my latest book is called A Harvest of Blessing, I figured I’d let you in on my most favorite blessings. Then….Nadia Maguire will also share her favorite blessings. Only thing, she may reveal more of the story than she intends.

When we first moved to Cullman and into our new house, we figured we’d visit four or five churches before we settled on one. But no, God made it pretty plain the first one we attended was the one He’d chosen for us. Northbrook Baptist.

Only thing, Northbrook had an interim pastor, and the search committee diligently searched for a new pastor. So much prayer went into the selection that I am certain the man who was finally chosen was the exact man He intended to serve there. Keith Warden and his sweet wife, Christy coming all the way from Mississippi.

I can now tell you my first blessing this month is my pastor and his wife.

Now, let’s ask Nadia, from A Harvest of Blessings. “Nadia, what about you? Are you grateful for your pastor at First Community Church in Oak Mountain?”

“Though it’s kind of hard to talk about, Pastor Cater helped me out of a situation I thought I’d never see resolved. Yes, I am so grateful for my pastor.”

“Can you tell us more about how he helped you?”

“Well, it had to do with a terrible mistake I made when I was younger, but my author, June, might not like it if i say more.”

That’s right, Nadia!



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    1. Melissa, our pastor preaches the best sermons. He’s filled with wisdom and the Word of God. What a blessing. Thank you for your comment. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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