How Do You Define Love?

I am a novelist and write contemporary romance and romantic suspense in the CBA market—Christian Booksellers Association. The heroine’s pulse hammers in her chest when the hero gazes at her with his piercing dark eyes. She’s loved and protected when he holds her in his muscular arms. The hero is captivated by her lovely shape and warm lips. Yes, we love to read about young love.

But this kind of love doesn’t last forever. As the years go by, our bodies age, skin becomes saggy, and glasses cover those attractive eyes. Is that the end of love? By no means. In a way, it’s the beginning.

Love, true love as defined by the Bible, is very different. A Biblical relationship would involve treating our spouses with kindness and patience. We think more of the other person than ourselves.

Recently, I pulled my back out on top of a broken tailbone and arthritis in my hips. I looked a mess with my old ratty bathrobe and hair in disarray. Though my husband was sick with a respiratory infection, he offered to give me a massage. Now that’s an example of the definition of love.

Love desires the best for another and easily forgives wrongs committed against them. Love trusts, hopes, and never gives up.

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