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How I almost got kicked out of Sunday School

Our church has a time of small group meetings before the worship service in the sanctuary. We examine the scriptures on a variety of subjects such as the end times, the ten commandments, the harmony of the gospels, understanding Biblical prophecies of Jesus, and many more. We have plenty of time for discussion which the congregation doesn’t have in church. Besides, it’s great to fellowship with likeminded believers.

One Sunday, I was listening to the teacher speak about the second coming of Christ when something on the floor to my left caught my attention. An ugly beetle crept along the tile. He had ugly antennae growing on his head and a strange green patch on his shoulders. I must confess I’m terrified of insects, and the creature was headed my way.

I nudged my husband and pointed. My dear spouse wants to protect me from danger and all scary six-legged creatures. To my horror, he reached toward the floor and picked up the object of terror by the legs. Thinking back on the incident now, I suppose he planned to squash it and place it in the waste can. I’m not sure, and I really don’t want to know. 

While the teacher continued to speak, my husband returned to his seat beside me, the bug still in his hand. In the past he’s teased me with other insects, so I figured that was what he’d planned to do. Overcome with fear, I screamed as if I was under attack by a swarm of demons. The teacher stared at me as well as every other person in the room. 

My husband set the bug on the floor and stomped it which made me cringe. I apologized to the class and sank down in my chair. I’m sure the teacher didn’t much like the interruption. Next time, I’m bringing pepper spray to class. Does that work on beetles?

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    1. Thanks, Melissa. I think the Lord is giving me some funny happenings – like your “It’s always a story with the Hendersons.”

      Wait till you hear the next one. It’s about the pastor and a ringing phone in church. 😂

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