I Can Explain

I can explain why the x-ray technician came into my room at the ER and tried to give a CT scan to the wrong person.

Here’s how it went down.

On December 30, I decided to get some work done at my computer. Finish editing, check emails, that sort of thing. I attempted to sit down in my rolling office chair. The chair decided that then might be a good time to fly away against the wall, leaving me no place to sit. As we all learned in fifth grade, the force of gravity likes to pull objects to the ground. I was no exception.

Since we have hardwood floors in my office, I made contact with an extremely solid surface. Ouch, ouch. I figured I’d better see if I was able to get up or had I broken any bones?

The next morning, I went to the ER at our local hospital to discover the answer. My husband drove and joined me in one of those rooms where they make you wait. There was an examining table and one chair. Since I didn’t feel like lying down on the hard surface, I gingerly lowered to one side as I sat in the chair. No where else to sit, my husband took the examining table and stretched out.

Momentarily, the e-ray technician arrived in the room and looked at Joe. “Sir, can you say your name?”

Joe smiled and said, “Yes, Joe Foster.”

I figured out what happened. She thought he was the patient. I told her I was the one with a sore rear end and needed an ex-ray. My husband felt just fine.

So, she took me for a CT scan and yes, I had fractured my tailbone. Yikes. Who’d believe such a small little bone could cause such pain. And to think, the wrong patient almost got x-rayed.

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    1. Thanks, Melissa. It takes a long time for tailbone injuries to heal. (sigh) It is a bit easier to sit these days but I can’t wait to get back to taking a bath! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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