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I Can Explain How I Almost Didn’t Make my Flight to El Paso

I have to confess; technology has left me behind. For a while there, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable because I knew where to turn on a computer, how to use Microsoft Word, and how to operate my cell phone. But no, I found that there was much more I needed to conquer—like checking in at the airport as I prepared to fly to El Paso for a class reunion.

I tapped my name and flight number onto the screen, and the machine spit out a long piece of paper. I figured the papers were the tags for my bags. I pulled the sticky part off but then saw red words that said, “Do not peel this side of the tape.” Too late.

I rolled my bags into the Birmingham Airport and looked for the check-in line. The man behind me caught my attention and told me I was in the self-check-in line, and he pointed to a large machine in front of me. No problem. I could do this.

A clerk at the desk beyond rolled her eyes and beckoned me forward. She attached another paper around my bags and placed my luggage on the rolling carousel. Okay, but what was I to do with the excess long strips of papers? I figured I’d better keep them, so I stuck them in my purse.

When I got to my gate, I looked at the strips again. Where was my boarding pass? I didn’t have one. Finally, a friendly clerk issued my boarding passes and explained that I should’ve punched another button on the big self-check-in machine to get them. I’m grateful for helpful clerks. Otherwise, I may have missed the flight.

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