I Can Explain – about wasp stings

I love to sit on my back deck in the morning and read the Word of God. This morning, I noticed a wasp’s nest above me on the wall. Not exactly the place where I’d want to build a nest. But I digress.

And I confess. I hate insects and one day when I see the Lord face to face, I’m going to ask Him why He created them. I know. Birds, lizards, and frogs have to have something to eat. But why can’t they be vegetarians?

So, I immediately called my husband to demolish the nest. Which he did. My hero. Now, it was safe to sit and read my Bible. After about two verses in Genesis, I looked up to see a very angry wasp flying around where the old nest was. He wasn’t any too happy to find his dwelling place gone. Before I could get up to get a flyswatter, a sharp pain on my leg let me know there were two wasps, not one.

Yep. One of the homeless creatures stung me. My husband assured me the pain would be gone in an hour. He wasn’t any help when he said that every time I felt a twinge, it was the stinger wiggling. About 6 hours later, the stabbing sensation in my leg was a little better. In the meantime, my daughter assured me that wasps have stingers but don’t leave them behind, only bees.

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