I Can Explain how I cut my finger on icing

I wonder how many can actually say they have cut their finger on icing at least once in their lifetime. Likely, not too many. Here’s how it went down.

It was Christmas morning. Four of the cranberry orange muffins I baked still remained on the festive paper plate. I think Santa’s helper ate two yesterday, but the rest were fresh, yummy, and waiting to be devoured today.

The recipe had suggested that a sweet, refreshing orange icing would enhance the flavor of the muffins, and indeed it did. Who wouldn’t love the taste of icing created from powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed orange juice? Well and good, however, said icing tends to dry out overnight and form sharp little ridges where it escaped onto the plate.

When I reached for a muffin, I figured I’d get a bit of extra icing that was still on the plate. I swiped my index finger across the sweet goodness. Ouch. As if I’d handled a sharp knife, my finger hurt and began to bleed. So much for extra icing. I didn’t need anymore, anyway. 

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