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I Can Explain how I held up the line at Taco Bell for ten minutes

Do you remember my article about going to church with mousse in my hair? That was the day after my husband left on a fishing trip. I explained how everything usually went wrong when he left town.

Usually, calamities happen with at least a day or two in between. Not that Sunday.

Let me explain. Since I had no one to cook for, I decided to get nachos from Taco Bell. We have one of those great fast-food restaurants close to us.

But I need to back up. We have two cars, one new and the other old. My husband graciously wants me to drive the new one. But since he’d planned to travel so far, he figured he better take the new car. Which left me with his 2004 Lexis which I hadn’t driven but only a few times.

Back to Taco Bell. The drive-through line was at least twenty cars long, so I went inside to order. But since there was a long line, I had very little room to back out after I got my food. I poked my way from my parking space in front of Taco Bell.

I glanced at the dashboard, and the parking brake light was on. Oh, if I kept driving like that, I might strip the brakes on the car. I found the pedal on the left that released the brake. I pushed hard with my foot. Only thing, it set the brake instead of releasing it. I reached down to unlock it, but the stubborn thing was stuck tight.

Unfortunately, I somehow blocked the drive-through line, but my car wouldn’t go anywhere. Totally embarrassed, I got out of the car to approach the brake from a different angle. A sweet little girl behind me offered to help. I explained the problem and she laughed. She said she was 16 and had only had her license for two months. But never fear, she’d grab the young guy coming out of the restaurant.

The Lexus was likely older than this young man, but he jiggled and fiddled a moment until the brake released. I was relieved, but so were about fifteen people behind me who could now move on through the line.

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