I Can Explain How My Sweater Disappeared

This time of year, you never know when you’ll need a sweater. October can be a tricky month in Alabama, weather-wise. So, when I went to my Bible study group, I took my sweater along. But sure enough, I didn’t need it, so I hung it on the back of the chair.

Great lesson, thanks to our leader Marie Maynard. Maybe I was so engrossed in thought because of Marie’s wonderful message, or maybe I’m getting old—not sure. But when I got ready to leave, my sweater was no longer hanging on the back of my chair.

I stood, looked on the floor on either side of the chair, and then asked if anyone had seen my sweater.

Marie points toward me and says “There it is.”

What? I patted down my dress I’d worn to church earlier that day and looked from one side to the other again. No sweater. I figured by this time I was getting forgetful. Maybe I didn’t actually wear a sweater, but Marie had seen one.

My younger friend, Sommer Folds, reached toward me and said, “Let me help.” She tugged on my back, and I realized she was pulling on the sweater. The mystery of the lost sweater was getting more confusing by the minute. Finally, Sommer said, “Stand still, June.” She worked and worked and finally handed me my sweater.

I found out later she had unhooked it from the zipper on my dress, which was no easy task according to Sommer. The fabric was totally caught on the part that zips up.

I’m still not sure what happened. Next time, I will drape my sweater over my lap.

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  1. I have to be honest – I’m forever forgetting where I’ve placed something – so far nothing has been hooked to the zipper in a dress or skirt – but – I’d almost rather it was than to becoming so forgetful – my hubs says it’s because I force those things out of my mind to make room for the more important! If only – lol

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